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Meredith Levy, Vandy Boudreau, Alice Kann
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Meredith Levy, Vandy Boudreau, Alice Kann

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Junior Committee of the Fine Arts Museums

Photos by Nobhill Gazette
The Junior Committee of the Fine Arts Museums brought together 400 of the Bay Area’s prominent young art patrons and individuals for the 6th annual Mid-Winter gala in honor of Warhol Live at the de Young Museum. Partygoers sported vintage couture looks and dined on grilled cheese and fried chicken in the king of pop-art’s honor. The event raised an estimated $250,000 to benefit the Fine Arts Museums of SF.

scroll left Meredith Levy, Vandy Boudreau, Alice KannStephan Jenkins, Beth SchmidtVandy Boudreau, Vanessa GettyDaniel Lurie, Robert Mailer AndersonAlexis Traina, Allison Speer scroll right

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