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Chair Shirley Parks and honoree Jim Campbell
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Chair Shirley Parks and honoree Jim Campbell

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Bay Area Treasures

Supporters of SF Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) came together at the St. Regis for an award presentation and dinner hosted by SFMOMA’s Modern Art Council (MAC) in honor of artist Jim Campbell. Campbell received the museum’s 13th annual Bay Area Treasure Award. Proceeds from the event benefited SFMOMA’s exhibitions and education programs.

scroll left Chair Shirley Parks and honoree Jim CampbellRebecca Schumacher, David ArmourNancy Bechtle, Joachim BechtleJudy Gaulke, Joni Binder Shwarts (President of the Modern Art Council (MAC) of SFMOMA), Susie HogansonJill Barnett, Marilyn Hayes, Peggy Newton scroll right


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