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Tad Taube, Ebypa Gawron, Dianne Taube, Christopher Kerosky
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Tad Taube, Ebypa Gawron, Dianne Taube, Christopher Kerosky

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Warsaw Philharmonic

Honorary Consuls for the Republic of Poland Tad Taube & Dianne Taube and Christopher & Mary Kerosky co-hosted a cocktail reception and performance by the Warsaw Philharmonic at Davies Symphony Hall. With major support from the Taube and Koret Foundations, Warsaw will be the venue of the 2013 opening of the museum of the History of Polish Jews, a landmark institution that will exhibit the 1,000-year Jewish history of Greater Poland.

scroll left Tad Taube, Ebypa Gawron, Dianne Taube, Christopher KeroskyRabbi Stephen Pearce, Christopher KeroskyGeorgia Goldberg, Alex LeitsteinEllen Newman, Walter NewmanEbypa Gawron, Christopher Kerosky, Shana Penn scroll right

Bank of the West

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