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The 23rd Annual Tote Board

The "A" List

This year, the Nob Hill Gazette “A” List has become even more exclusive. Only name mentions of ten or more times, and five to nine times, will appear on this page. These are the people who most often graced our pages in boldface and pictures during 2013. This doesn’t mean that we don’t love everyone else who has appeared in our publication over the last 12 months, and we can’t wait to see some of them on next year’s “A” List. If we’ve missed somebody in this year’s tally, please let us know.

Listed 10 Or More Times

Willie Brown

Pamala Deikel

Vanessa Getty

John Goldman

Deepa Pakianathan

Maria Shrem

Charlotte Shultz

Elisa Stephens

Todd Traina


Listed 5-9 Times

Adair, Lana

Akhtari, Afsaneh

Baer, Larry

Baer, Pam

Barber, Melissa

Barber, Patrick

Bechtle, Nancy

Behar, Yves

Bellings, David

Benavides, J. Riccardo

Betz, Heide

Boisset, Jean-Charles

Boitano, Brian

Brookins-Schneider, Barbara

Brown, Barbara

Buell, Mark

Cabak, Marilyn

Cabak, Michael

Caen, Ann

Calhoun, Jack

Callan Newsom, Hilary

Cash, Eliza

Chammas, Dolly

Chandler, Carolyn

Collins, Margaret

D’Ambrosio, Franc

De La Renta, Oscar

Deikel, Ted

Ehrlich, Delia

Feinstein, Dianne

Feinstein, Michael

Ferrin Louks, Patricia

Fisher, Sako

Fordham, Cheryl

Frank, Tina

Fulk, Ken

Fullerton, Elizabeth

Getty, Gordon

Girard, Ann

Gockley, David

Goodrich, Joel

Griepp, Angelique

Griepp, Troy

Grotts, Lisa

Heggie, Jake

Huntting, Sallie

Joyner, Pamela

Kasaris, Mary

Kawalkowski, Daru

Klein, Barbara

Klein, Tom

Kubin, Karen

Leno, Mark

Levin, Fred

Livingston, Nancy

Lucas, George

Lui, Gorretti

Luisotti, Nicola

Mai, Shiver

Malin, Charlot

Malouf, Alan

Massocca, Anne Marie

Matarasso, Seth

Maumer, Jorge

Mayer, Marissa

Mazor, Boaz

Medearis, Teresa

Molodetskya, Sonya

Mondavi, Margrit

Morell, Alan

Paige, Katie

Paige, Ken

Pascarella, Yurie

Pelosi, Nancy

Pelosi, Paul

Poland, Mary

Posen, Zac

Powell, Tanya Marietta

Rubin, Diane

Scaggs, Boz

Schoemaker, Lucas

Seto, Sharon

Shansby, O.J.

Shayevich, Clara

Sherman, Roberta

Shiver, Mai

Shultz, George

Skurman, Andrew

Sorokko, Tatiana

Stone, Norah

Stone, Norman

Strunsky, Jean

Tan, Yuan Yuan

Tilson Thomas, Michael

Tomasson, Helgi

Traina, Alexis

Traina, Katie

Von Stade, Fredrica

Walker, Rick

Walkowski, Barbara

Walters, Barbara

Ward, Neal

Waters, John

West, Paula

Wilkes, Bashford

Williams, Cecil

Williams, Robin

Wu, Tim

Zarate, Brenda

Zellerbach, Merla

List of Honor

Previous winners may only win once in a five-year period, but they will be enshrined in our List of Honor for all time.  These include: Willie Brown, Mark Buell, Ann Moller Caen, Ken Fulk, Stanlee Gatti, Pamela Joyner, Ann Getty, Wilkes Bashford, Elisa Stephens, Charlotte Mailliard Shultz, Vanessa Getty, Denise Hale, Ellen Magnin Newman, Jennifer Siebel Newson, Mary Poland, Barbara Rosenberg, Tatiana Sorokko, OJ Shansby, Danielle Steel, Paul Pelosi, Gordon Getty, Gary Shansby, Susan Tamagni, and Trevor Traina.

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