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Statement Jewelry

Van Gogh Would Have Loved This!

by Beth Spotswood

If you’ve ever lost one-half of a fabulous pair of earrings, don’t fret. You’ll be more stylish wearing just the one. In a trend that’s sweeping San Francisco and beyond, women are proudly sporting one dramatic statement earring. From dangling chandeliers to a studded single ear cuff, the fashion-forward are taking a stance and picking a side—of their heads. Displaying one statement earring is officially “a thing,” and the reviews are mixed.

San Francisco fashion designer Bacca Da Silva is entirely on board with the single statement earring. “Fashion designers tend to enjoy the idea of shocking people with unexpected statement pieces. You know, change a bit of the status quo. Let’s say you create a chandelier earring made of unexpected materials, or a scorpion ear wrap or ear cuff. Those pieces would make a very interesting topic of conversation. People like that.”

I checked in with Tina Moylan, a Russian Hill philanthropist and jewelry designer: “Oh sure, the one earring. I started seeing it last Christmas at the Hob Nob.”

The Hob Nob is a party that I’m not invited to and a party at which some of fashion’s riskier trends begin, and then make their way to the rest of the Bay Area. Tina has also seen the solo earring make appearances at symphony galas and fancy private events.  “You want my take on it?” Tina asked, characteristically unimpressed. “You wear one earring because you want someone to come up and talk to you about it.”

Tina elaborated. “They make their statement with an earring—A statement of what!?!”

Vogue, Women’s Wear Daily, Harper’s Bazaar, and a handful of other fashion magazines and websites might disagree. In fact, the one earring phenomenon made quite a stir at this year’s Golden Globes, the Dior runway, and the left side of Jennifer Lawrence.

San Francisco fashionista and society gal Sonya Molodetskaya loves the single earring look. “One statement earring is a definite attention grabber; one of my favorite latest trends. Trust me. There are times when two is a crowd!”

There are also times when one of your earrings falls off in the dressing room.

While Gina Fiorentino, the general manager of Manika Jewelry, hasn’t had many clients request a single statement earring, she’s certainly not surprised to see women rocking a unique look. “It’s reflective of the style of the city,” she explains. “Women feel empowered to wear jewelry the way they want.”

At Manika Jewelry, clients tend to be women who are there to buy jewelry for themselves. “Mixed metals are really popular,” says Fiorentino, who then described a $20,000 diamond, gold, and blackened steel necklace by designer Sarah Graham. “In San Francisco, you can get away with that.”

Manika is an artisan jewelry store, home to objets d’ art meant to start conversations. But has the one-eared statement made its way to the likes of classic,  American, big-business jewelry stores?

I called Tiffany & Co. to get its high-end, mass-appeal take on the craze. Tiffany literally had nothing to say on the subject. A publicist for Tiffany & Co. actually spent a day looked into getting a response, but Tiffany was mum. Nope. Not us. We have nothing to say.

I guess it’s safe to assume one will never get to buy a “Return To Tiffany” heart-shaped single ear cuff.

While working on this article, my boyfriend approached and started reading over my shoulder. “One earring? You’re not going to do that, are you?”

“I don’t know.” I replied. “You don’t like it?”


He shrugged his shoulders. “What’s next? One statement shoe?”


I wouldn’t be surprised.


Beth Spotswood posts a humor column on SFGate, writes for CBS San Francisco, and occasionally tells funny stories on stage. Raised in Mill Valley and currently living in the Mission, Beth drinks too much espresso and is a nervous flier. (Those things might be related.)

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