Watercolor on paper

Creative Growth artist Ying Ge Zhou is known for her series of portraits, including this 15-by-22-inch watercolor on paper, titled YGZ 448.

For years, artist Vincent Jackson had a weekday routine: arrive at Creativity Explored’s San Francisco studio at 8 a.m., get some tea, then grab two bagels from a nearby shop before settling in to make art for the next five hours. He was a regular at the Friday afternoon dance parties and artist receptions too.

“Creativity Explored has been like an art college to me,” says Jackson, who has exhibited internationally and was introduced to the nonprofit in 1984, a year after its founding by the late couple Florence Ludins-Katz and Elias Katz to serve artists with disabilities. “It has been a place where I can express myself any kind of way I want to.”


Michelle shows her “fox” artwork during a Zoom session with others in the NIAD group.


Heather is shown during a group Zoom session with NIAD, which is now offering services six hours each day, and engages with about 40 artists daily.

Ricardo Estella work from home desk is lit_larger

Ricardo Estella’s well-appointed WFH desk illustrates how artists are creating and adapting during the pandemic.

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