Craige Walters, who has a long history with Savoy Tavoli and has designed a number of local food and beverage spots, was tapped with updating the historic venue, while preserving much of its patina.

The November night was crisp and clear as the Big Italian and I set off down Russian Hill for the new Keys Jazz Bistro. It had been 20 years since my husband, saxophonist and CIIS professor Alfonso Montuori, and I had strolled to a bona fide jazz club in our neighborhood. Anticipatory frisson merged with a rush of déjà vu.

Once upon a time, such a passeggiata was a near-nightly affair, whether bustling to one of my steady singing gigs or to take in the jazz elders. As the years passed, the club scene dwindled — victim to the vicissitudes of changing culture and commerce.


Renowned jazz guitarist, composer and recording artist Mimi Fox is a frequent performer at Lyon & Swan.


Bassist Ron Belcher, vocalist Kenny Washington and drummer Deszon Claiborne perform at Keys Jazz Bistro


In November, Simon Rowe opened Keys Jazz Bistro in a space once occupied by the El Matador nightclub.


Following a four-year closure, Savoy Tivoli reopened in November and now beckons jazz enthusiasts once more.