Lou Seal cheers on Amy Wender, founder and president of the Wender Weis Foundation for Children, and Nathan Hoch.

At the awkward age of 13, Amy Wender had a chance encounter with a sports figure that she never forgot. A backup quarterback with the Dallas Cowboys became an instant superstar in her eyes when he gave Wender simple, good advice and a reassuring smile. “This hero-athlete made me feel like I had a little extra support, and that anything in life was possible. I’ve always felt that if he could do that for me, imagine the effect something like that could have on other young kids,” said Wender.

Fast forward to 1994 as Wender, at the age of 23, went on to establish the Wender Weis Foundation for Children with the goal to improve the lives of underserved children by helping to increase their self-esteem, and with a more specific goal of connecting them with their sports heroes, who might also inspire them, the same way they did her.


Lou Seal pals around with (from left) Daniel Davenport-Grosse, Susan Davenport and Scout Davenport-Grosse.


Holiday Heroes 2022 chairs Elizabeth Johnson (left) and Ed Conlon (right), with Dylan James, have a ball with Lou Seal.