It’s not every brand that inspires true passion from its customers. To do so is hardly an easy undertaking, as the product has to be designed with a zeal that may take precedence over profit margins and volume production. But when that magic does exist, the bond between the product and the buyer, along with public perception, can be substantial. As a former Ferrari owner and currently a reviewer of the company’s new offerings, perfect strangers often engage me in conversations, from favorite roads to roam to where the Italian brand may be headed.

The Ferrari legacy reaches back 75 years, when Enzo Ferrari, after building race cars for other competitors, officially brought his name and prancing horse symbol to the smooth bodywork of his own cars. His enthusiasm for race car driving, then constructing his own sports cars for racing, helped create a unique business model: reluctantly selling road cars to simply finance his motorsports ventures. Today, Ferrari is a public corporation valued as the world’s 10th-­largest automaker and recently announced the addition of an SUV to its lineup of sports cars.