Maybe home renovation wasn’t on your 2020 vision board, but after half a year sheltered in place, you’ve realized your place could be a more inviting place to shelter. The Bay Area’s top interior innovators have been helping clients reconfigure, redecorate and reorganize their homes to accommodate all the roles (office! day care! gym!) a modern living space now plays. Here’s what they’re seeing in the field and how they’re making magic happen at home.


Ken Fulk’s work. (Douglas Friedman)

Ken Fulk: “Suddenly our clients find themselves at home with the entire clan, with no end in sight to this mandated family reunion — and the spaces are really getting a workout. Home offices that doubled as guest bedrooms no longer cut it and projects that had once been contemplated suddenly seem vital: Home cinemas, pools, gyms and guest houses are no longer looked at as ‘someday we’ll get to it,’ but are now viewed as integral necessities for home life that also double as a workplace and vacation spot all rolled into one.”

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A room by Jay Jeffers. (Matthew Millman)


Johnathan Rachman’s design. (Victor Samuel)


A bedroom by Suzanne Tucker. (Matthew Millman)


An outdoor design by Green City Construction/Sophie Azouaou