Gloria and Sam Malouf of Sam Malouf Authentic Luxury in Burlingame.

Consider them the fashion industry’s OG influencers. The folks who hold significant sway over what makes it from runway to retail. It is their job to predict what you want to wear, many months in advance. They are the store buyers, the individuals who plan and select the goods that land on shop shelves — and then, hopefully, in your closet.

At 12-year-old Burlingame boutique Sam Malouf Authentic Luxury, husband and wife Sam and Gloria Malouf are the proprietors and the buyers. He handles men’s wear and she oversees women’s wear. “You have to trust your gut,” she says of their roles, “and that can override any trend or retail forecast.” He adds, “It’s an art, it’s a science, it’s intuitive. At the same time, you have financials that you’re responsible for.”


For women, Missoni’s Resort 2023 lineup — exclusive to Sam Malouf in the City and Silicon Valley area — features joyful hues and modern silhouettes.

Mens - Kiton.png

Kiton’s Fall 2022 men’s collection includes a cashmere plaid overshirt that is handmade and exhibits Neapolitan tailoring.