Making it Count CEO Andrea Hailey has been working from home in Indiana with her pup, Alfred.

Ahead of the most consequential election cycle in modern history, Oakland-based registered and informed millions of voters — a civic duty with particular resonance for CEO Andrea Hailey.

While most of us faced unprecedented challenges in 2020, Andrea Hailey’s complex year kicked off even before the ball dropped last December. The Midwest native was living in Washington, D.C., when Oakland-based, the country’s largest nonpartisan voting registration nonprofit, asked if she’d like to transition from her position on the board into the role of CEO. It would have been a dream opportunity if Hailey hadn’t just been diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Making it Count

For, the message is clear — as are efforts to deliver that message to the voting public, which include the nonpartisan tech platform’s 22,000 Instagram followers.

Making it Count

Andrea Hailey in front of a food truck; the trucks have provided free food, water and election protection information at polling places around the country.


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