Bay Area women are leading in forward-thinking sectors that will shape the way we live our lives for generations to come.

On a recent commute from the tail end of Silicon Valley into the Financial District, I listened to KQED’s Forum as guests weighed in on electric vehicles’ bright future, with expanding charging infrastructure across the state. Panelists that day included Commissioner Patricia Monahan of the California Energy Commission, and the conversation covered Governor Gavin Newsom’s executive order identifying 2035 as the target for zero-emission vehicle production in California.

Women In Power: Future/Female

Tiffany Carter | Hair and makeup by Kadidja Sallak.

Women In Power: Future/Female

Dr. Monica Gandhi

Women In Power: Future/Female

Julie Owono | Hair and makeup by Kadidja Sallak.


Jeannie Lam | Hair and makeup by Carina Garcia.


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