The Craigslist founder is focused on an entirely new kind of venture: Philanthropy. 

We recently caught up with Craig Newmark, who shares the extraordinary story of Craigslist, his commitment to philanthropy — and his passion for photographing birds.

There’s unassuming and then there’s Craig Newmark — of Craigslist fame — unassuming. Newmark, one of the original tech billionaires, doesn’t own a car, doesn’t have a personal assistant, and, until recently, provided customer service for the online classified advertising site he founded in the late ’90s. What began in 1995 as an email distribution list to friends quickly turned into a juggernaut company now valued at $3 billion by Forbes. And although the company bears his name, Newmark realized early on that sitting in the C-suite just wasn’t for him, handing over the CEO reins to Jim Buckmaster in 2000.


Craig Newmark


Though Newmark claims he “doesn’t do fun,” he appears amused by obsequious displays of attention at his bar mitzvah in 1965.


Newmark (shown in a 1971 graduation photo) cites civics lessons from his days at New Jersey’s Morristown High School.