My car idles, part of the patient single-file throng waiting to turn on to the grounds of the Peninsula’s Filoli estate, the fourth of five stops for Antiques Roadshow’s new season, filmed last June. Little do I or producers know it yet, but among the items waiting for appraisal is a 1976 mock-up for the Apple II computer, which Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs unveiled the following year. Apt for a Silicon Valley taping.

To film its 27th season, Roadshow dropped into Woodside after earlier visits to Nashville, Boise and Santa Fe, and before its final destination: Shelburne, Vermont. While Roadshow filmed at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento back in 2019, Filoli also marks the production’s first stop in the Bay Area since its visit to Santa Clara in 2014. “We like a city we’ve never been to before,” executive producer Marsha Bemko says midway through the day’s filming over the country estate’s lush grounds, where light boxes and tripods make for modern moments among English Renaissance gardens.